Monday, January 25, 2010

025 wait up

The Song

Here is yet another song written on a four-string guitar. I should just mention the strings I am using are the A, G, B and high E strings. I wrote and recorded this bit yesterday if I remember correctly.

The Music

The song uses a standard tuning, and is a two chord progression, F to C. However, and I am not sure what you would call this (I am pretty sure there is a name though), I am not using the standard F and C chords, but only two notes of each: the F-chord's F-note is played on the A-string, and the A-note on the B-string, and the C-chord consists of the C-note on the A-string and the E-note on the B-string. For the first part, I am plucking those two quickly, then in the second part, I am playing more complete F and C chords, and finally for the third part I revert to the original pattern, but this time pluck the strings one at a time.

The Lyrics

I am not sure, but I think that there could be several interpretations of the lyrics, one of course being love, but I also get the feeling that the lyrics could also be about the inability of keeping up with technology in general or the information being supplied by the Internet. Of course, that would bring up a question - Would technology personified be a man or a woman? How about the Internet?


Would you like to add drums or bass to this? If so, please leave and comment, and I'll get back to you.


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