Monday, January 18, 2010

023 on empty

The Song

Tonight's song was created last night, without E and D strings if you can believe it. I really have to change my strings don't I? Or maybe I could have a contest to see how many songs I can create with as few strings as possible. Anyway, the song is in standard tuning and is quite simple, just a B, D, E7 progression. The lyrics I think are really straightforward - drugs, crooks and cops; I do remember thinking of Reservoir Dogs by Tarantino, although I don't remember much of what happened in the movie anymore. Were there drugs? I'll have to see it again, although I do remember the famous 'ear' scene. Well, I have to go, but I hope you like the song. Also, if anyone out there would like to add drums or bass to any of the songs on here, let me know.


PS Tonight's blog is short because I really want to keep my academic life/work separate from my music, so probably many of the blogs to come will just be about the music, as it should be.

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