Friday, January 22, 2010

024 by the sea

Still playing with 4 strings

Tonight's song is yet another that I wrote this week with only four strings. I think that makes about four so far, but until I get around to changing my strings, that number will probably increase.


The song is a two-chord progression, Em to Am, but due to my limited knowledge of the music theory, that's the extent of my description. I apologize, but I've always been on the artistic side of the fence, never really studying music in any detail. What I do like about the song is that despite its simplicity, with the right bass and drums accompanying it, I think this song could be great live. I imagine the intro simply the guitar, very sad, very lonely, but then slowly the drums come in, maybe just a pounding bass, I can't really explain what I'm thinking, because it would just be a bunch of don's, then at some point it just builds and builds into an explosion of distortion (ah, maybe no distortion), heavy bass guitar, like thunder and a hard attack on the drums, almost depicting a storm, and finally, a very quite, soothing outro as if the storm has come to pass.


Moving on to the lyrics, although the words came out of nowhere, as they most often do, there is definitely a feeling of losing someone here. I picture fishermen out to see when a storm hits, and a wife of one of the fisherman standing on the shore hoping that all is not lost, waiting for some message that he is in fact OK, when chances are, she will never see him again. Yes, I know, dark, dark and more dark, but I can't help feel that this could be a really cool mood song.

Online Collaboration

If anyone is interested in adding drums or bass to this, leave a comment and I will get in touch with you, or if you just want to leave a comment about the song, I would love to hear from you.


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