Friday, February 19, 2010

029 a choice


The music for today’s song was written a really long time ago, but I could never get the right melody for it. Fortunately, recently, I have found a melody that I think suits the song well. The chords by the way are Bm, A, G, F#/D, Em, F#/D, G, F#/D for the verse, A and G for the pre-chorus, and a Bm, G, D, A progression for the chorus. The tuning is one whole step down.


The theme of this song is another common theme in my music: vampires. This time it’s about someone becoming a vampire; actually, the lyrics I have so far sort of remind me of the scene in the movie Interview With The Vampire where Lestat turns Louis into a vampire. If I remember correctly (I really should watch the movie again, or actually, I should really read the series, because I really liked the movie), Louis somewhat regrets being turned into a vampire, and in my song the lyrics have that feeling as well, so perhaps unconsciously, this song was inspired by that story.


In keeping with today’s theme, here is another song called Sunlight that is about vampires, but this one is about a vampire who has lost his love and wants to commit suicide, so is waiting for the sun to rise. This song was recorded last year (I really must keep a better record), but I think I will re-record it soon.


I first heard about these guys through the Rolling Stone website, but had forgotten about them until I came across another article about them. I really like the singer’s voice, and although I need to listen to more of their material, I really like their song Fake Empire.


With today's technology, I know it's not impossible to collaborate with someone so far away, so it would be great if someone out there wanted to put a bass track down or a drum track down for this song or any of my songs. Of course, I probably would have to re-record some or most of them, but leave me comment, and I will get back to you.


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