Monday, February 15, 2010

028 by your side


The song consists of 6 chords altogether. The verse is Emaj, A(maj7)/F#, B7sus4, Asus2(maj7), and the chorus – if that’s what you can call it – is B7sus4, Asus2(maj7), Amaj, Bmaj/A. As you can hear, the song sounds kind of like a country song; for some reason, Johnny Cash comes to mind, but I haven't really listened to him, so I’m probably way off in saying that, and besides I’m not really a country music fan, which begs the question – Why would I write such a song? I guess the answer is that it was spontaneous and unlike most of my spontaneous songs, this one had a really nice vibe to it, so I kept it.


I have to be honest – although my music can be very upbeat, my lyrics are usually not and this is a good example. It’s about someone’s last words to a loved one.


Here is another one of my songs that may interest you. It has a similar theme to today’s song. It’s called ‘Look out the door’ and I wrote this a long time ago. This is the song that really made me want to be a musician because it was the first song that I played live (in front of 200 people actually) and the reaction I got was overwhelming – people cried. I’m not joking; people actually cried when they heard it, well not everyone, of course, but quite a few did, and the feeling I got from that cannot be explained in writing.


With today's technology, I know it's not impossible to collaborate with someone so far away, so it would be great if someone out there wanted to put a bass track down or a drum track down for this song or any of my songs. Of course, I probably would have to re-record some or most of them, but leave me comment, and I will get back to you.


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